Where can I find my VIN or Chassis Number?

VIN or Chassis Number

The VIN or Chassis Number can be found on the dashboard, driver's side door and on the registration certificate. All cars and light commercial vehicles built after 1981 have a unique 17-character VIN that provides access to valuable information about that vehicle's history.

VIN or Chassis Number

What is a VIN?

VIN is short for "Vehicle Identification Number". All vehicles are assigned a VIN when they are manufactured. They are used to uniquely identify all vehicles. VIN's are recorded in accidents, insurance records, and when work is done on a vehicle by a body shop, dealership or mechanic.

Vehicles from 1981 to present have 17 character VIN's. Before 1981 the VIN may be shorter.

VIN's do not use the letter "I" or "O". These characters are numbers "1" and "0"

1969 and newer vehicles should have VIN on the driver dash.