Yes, of course. It's very important to check if a car has been written off. One possibility that every prospective buyer should consider is whether the vehicle you’re thinking of buying was ever damaged badly enough to be declared a ‘Total Loss’ by an insurance company (commonly known as a ‘Write-off‘) or worse again – ‘Scrapped’.

Almost 390,000 vehicles are written off by insurance companies every year in the UK. That means on average a car is written-off every 90 seconds. However a large percentage of these vehicles are repaired and returned to the road. Cover yourself and perform a write-off check today!

Has the car been written off?

MotorCheck searches for any record of the vehicle being previously written-off the UK, and reports this to you as part of our “full check” reports (i.e.: Category A, B, C, D, S, N & Y for UK). Data on Insurance Write-offs is sourced from the Motor Insurer Anti Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR). We also check for vehicles that have been classified as "Scrapped" with the DVLA or have previously had a "VIC" test.

You can quickly identify whether a vehicle has been officially declared as a write-off and MotorCheck’s notification can save you from buying a motor vehicle which could be potentially dangerous due to repair after a car has been written off.

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