All our “Full Check” reports now include a FREE car valuation that tells you the value of your car in Excellent, Fair or Poor condition. To make it as useful as possible we have split it into two categories, ‘Private’ and ‘Trade’.

This means that if your trying to determine what the price of a car should be on the private market or looking for an indication as what it should be worth as part exchange at your local main dealer, MotorCheck is the place to look! All you need is the car’s registration.

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Our used car values are provided exclusively to MotorCheck by Glass's, the UK's foremost authority on valuing used vehicles. Glass's valuation data has been used by insurance companies, financial institutions and the motor trade in determining the value of used vehicles for many years and we’re pleased to include it on your ‘Full Check’ free of charge. NB: Valuations will be provided where data is available from Glass's.

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Factors Influencing Car Value –

Cars don’t have a fixed value as there are plenty of fluctuating factors that converge to determine the value of a car at any given time. Noteworthy items that determine the value of a car include –

Vehicle Age and Depreciation - Every vehicle undergoes depreciation, a natural value decline over time. New cars often face the steepest depreciation in their initial years, with the rate tapering off as they age. Recognizing this curve ensures you aren't overestimating an older vehicle's worth or underestimating a newer one's.

Car's Condition and Maintenance - Beyond age, a car's condition speaks volumes. A well-maintained vehicle, both mechanically and aesthetically, can command a higher value. Maintenance records, acting as a testament to the owner's care, can bolster a car's valuation. On the flip side, visible damages or mechanical issues can significantly diminish its worth.

Market Demand and Rarity - Supply and demand dynamics in the automobile sector can be volatile. A sudden surge in demand for SUVs or electric vehicles can inflate their prices. Similarly, classic or limited-edition models, due to their rarity, often have inflated values, especially if they're in pristine condition.