Yes of course. A Motorcheck history report will tell you if the car has passed its MOT and when it’s due to expire as well as the previous MOT history of the vehicle including fail and advisory notices where available. It’s very important that any used car you may be thinking of buying has a valid MOT, so you should perform an MOT check.

If the MotorCheck report shows that the MOT is not current we always recommend a more thorough physical inspection of the car to reduce the risk of incurring expensive repair costs after purchase

Why is an MOT check important?

MOT failure rate is almost 40%, with dangerous items such as suspension failures accounting for 13.6% and brake failures accounting for 13%. Furthermore, repairs on items such as these average between £250 - £400. Therefore it is of critical importance that you check the previous MOT history as well as the current MOT status for any vehicle you are considering for purchase.

Find Out with an MOT check

  • Is the car MOT Passed?
  • When was the test done?
  • When will it expire?
  • Is the Certificate genuine?

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Check for outstanding Finance

Check for evidence of mileage Clocking

Check if it was Stolen

Check for previous Write-off history and Condition Alerts

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