Yes, of course. Please note that VIN or "Vehicle Identification Number" is considered to be secure data so we don't disclose it directly on the report in order to help prevent cloning of vehicles and forging of official documentation. However you can still check that the VIN of the vehicle you are checking is the official VIN for that vehicle.

You should inspect the the VIN recorded on the V5 Certificate and the physical VIN embossed on the vehicle in a number of places. Make sure these numbers match. Then you should enter the VIN into your MotorCheck report.  The report will automatically check this and confirm if the number you entered matches the official VIN on record for the vehicle.

If the number that you input doesn’t match the actual number, MotorCheck will alert you and advise further action before completing any final purchase of the vehicle.

NOTE: A standard VIN for most vehicles is normally an alpha-numeric string containing a total of 17 characters.

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